Calendar 2017


Thursday  2 February   Board of Directors
Tuesday  7 February   Thesaurus committee
Tuesday  7 February  Protocol working group
Tuesday  7 March  Protocol working group
Tuesday  28 March  PALGA-Advice committee
Thursday  9 March  PALGA-Raad
Thursday  9 March  Board of Directors
Thursday  16 March  Privacy committee
Tuesday  21 March  Coding Course
Thursday  6 April  Board of Directors
Monday 10 April   Scientific committee
Tuesday  25 April  Supervisory Board
Tuesday  9 May  Protocol working group
Thursday  11 May  Board of Directors
Tuesday  16 May  Thesaurus committee
Tuesday  6 June   Protocol working group
Thursday  15  June  Board of Directors
Maandag 19 June  Scientific committee
Tuesday  5 September   Protocol working group canceld
Thursday  7 September  PALGA-Raad
Thursday  7 September  Board of Directors
Tuesday  12 September  Thesaurus committee
Thursday  21 September  Supervisory Board
Tuesday  26 September  Privacy committee
Tuesday  3 October  Protocol working group
Thursday  5 October  PALGA / PCP day  
Thursday  5 October  Board of Directors
Tuesday  10 October   Scientific committee
Friday 10 November  Board of Directors 
Tuesday  14 November  Thesaurus committee
Thursday  23 November  Coding Course
Tuesday  12 December  Protocol working group
Thursday  14 December  Board of Directors tezamen met  Supervisory Board