Procedure after material request


If further investigation is required after a national request has been completed, a selection can be made that is of potential interest for further investigation. PALGA gives the researcher the names of the laboratories in which the requested material is stored. PALGA gives the laboratory details of the report numbers that correspond to the material being requested. Investigators should contact the laboratories themselves to retrieve the human tissue in question.

If the researcher also wants to receive clinical information from the patient record, they will have to personally approach a specialist at the hospital in question.

  1. PALGA selects a list of excerpts with attached administration numbers from the PALGA-Database 
  2. The researcher compiles a list of excerpts which are of interest for further research, and emails this to PALGA. 
  3. PALGA matches the relevant laboratory and rapport numbers of those selected excerpts.  
  4. PALGA generates per laboratory a list of rapport numbers which correspond to PALGA-patient numbers and sends these via the PALGA portal to the laboratories.  
  5. After the laboratories approved the request / decide to process the request, they will collect and compile the PA-material and send this, annotated with its administration number, to the researcher. In case a laboratory employs the services of a HUB employee, then this is the responsibility of that HUB employee. 
  6. If clinical data has also been requested, the researcher contacts the attending physician. From the centre at which the clinical data will be requested. 
  7. The laboratory matches the corresponding hospital number of a patients PALGA administration number. 
  8. The attending physician from that same centre contacts the pathology laboratory and receives the data.  
  9. The attending physician provides the requested information and supplies the data, anonymized to the researcher. 

Hospitals might deviate from the above stipulated procedure. At any point, the patient’s privacy will be guaranteed.