PALGA Request Systeem


The link above leads to the PALGA data-request portal. Via this portal you can submit requests for data, materials, and pathology reports. From there your application is processed by our data request advisors.

An extensive explanation for the process of the application can be found on the Summary page for data requests.  A complete list with everything that needs to be filled in on the application form can be found on the page here (english translation forthcoming).

By creating an account on the site you are able to submit an application. If you are aallredy in possession of hte PA-numbers of other laboratires from which you want to request PA-material (such as coupes or tissue block) for scientific research, you can submit a request at the PALGA request system. PALGA will then assist you in the retrieval of the requested material.

To apply, you must first create an account in the PALGA Request System: BEWARE: This link is inopperative for older browsers. we advise you use Chrome or Firefox

After creating an account, you are asked to formulate your wishes as specifically as possible. This is intended as a way of supplying background information on the study, as well as details of the research question, hypothesis, and method. Next, the type of request involved can be selected. Throughout the request procedure, you can monitor the status of your request through the system.

The requested information is also sent to you via this system.

click here for a manual for the PALGA request system. (english tranlation forthcoming

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