Data requests


PALGA delivers data from national databases for purposes such as scientific research, medical quality control, and for the evaluation and monitoring of screening programmes. PALGA offers the option of linking data via a Trusted Third Party (TTP).

PALGA manages its own national database of pathology results. These excerpts date back to 1971. Coverage has been nationwide since 1991. This means that all Dutch pathology laboratories are connected to the national infrastructure. The wealth of information in the database offers researchers opportunities for study, even more so because it is a gateway to the tissue archives. In addition, data from the database can be used for the quality control of screening programmes. It also serves as a signalling source for the Dutch Cancer Registry. 

A ‘request’ (requests to retrieve data from PALGA's database) can be submitted via the PALGA Request System. You will first have to create an account before you can make use of this facility. You must complete a request procedure before you can retrieve data from PALGA's database. It is also possible to link a study cohort to PALGA's database, subject to strict privacy conditions. 

Various articles have been published that describe the potential of PALGA's database in terms of scientific research. Read more in TSG 90, 2012; 276-279 and Ned. Tijdschr Oncol 2012;9:104-10.

A complete overview of the application procedure can be found on the summary page.