The Hub Employees  


Since the PALGA portal is operational, DNTP-HUB employees have started in each region. They could save you a lot of work. In case you have already indicated that you would like to use the services of a DNTP-HUB employee, the DNTP-HUB employee of your region would have visited you or made an appointment to meet with you. If this has not happened yet, please contact Annette Gijsberts of PALGA ( There are also pathology laboratories which have indicated that they do not wish to employ a DNTP-HUB employee. In case your stance on this has changed, you can contact PALGA at any time.  

The HUB employees have been implemented for the retrieval of blocks from archives for research with rest materials. Researchers of prospective research (for instance the PLCRC or PSI) must themselves make agreements with laboratories about the additional inclusion of material and the earmarked/tagged storage of this material specific to their research in advance. 

In case you have questions about the PALGA portal or about the DNTP-HUB employee, please contact PALGA via or by phone (088-0402700)