Requesting Materials


Sometimes, additional requests of PA-materials is requested besides just data. Requesting such additional information involves what is referred to as the ‘intermediary procedure’, as PALGA acts as an intermediary here. You specify which excerpts you require further information on. PALGA then puts you in touch with the relevant laboratories.  

This intermediary procedure enables PALGA to act as a gateway to the further use of biobanks in the laboratories. For instance, researchers can retrieve tissue slides via PALGA to confirm/revise the diagnosis or they can retrieve tissue blocks to carry out additional tests. In addition, it is possible – via the pathologist – to get in touch with the treating physician. The physician can then provide the researcher with clinical data to supplement data from the excerpts in PALGA’s database. This could include the patient’s symptoms in the period prior to diagnosis, any co-morbidities before or after surgery, medication use, family history, etc.  

You can find more details about the use of tissue for scientific research in the following article: 'Het Pathologisch-Anatomisch Landelijk Geautomatiseerd Archief; Een databank plus nader-gebruik-biobank van grote waarde' (Tijdschrift voor gezondheidswetenschappen 90, 2012; 276-279). 

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