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The process of the application is described in the text below. In this text you will find a summary of the process, annotated with links to the relevant pages on the website, where you can find more information on these topics.

Application preparation

The PALGA Database is meant for researchers. The terms of delivery must be met, before any data request can be considered. Furthermore, there are demands on the request based on privacy legislation, which can be more or less strict depending on the type of request. There are also expectations on the applicants. What those are can be found to “Who can request?

When an applicant desires information from a PALGA data base, this usually happens through a data request. Whether our data bases are right for a research question can be checked on the page “Which data can be requested?” Additionally, the PALGA Public Pathology Database is available to be used by anyone. The Public Pathology Database allows the researcher to get an impression of which information is available to be requested.


The search questions on the PALGA data base are usually made via the PALGA Request System. The applicant indicates which data and/or materials they are interested in with by filling in a form. (a manual for this form can be found here.) It is at this point also possible to request a linkage to other registries. There will be no costs charged for data requests (costs may be charged for requesting material from laboratories).

Application Processing

At this point, the internal processing request procedure starts. Our employees assess the application and may come with suggestion for alterations. The data request advisors may suggest additional information or materials to be added to the request, or suggest to take some out, in case what is requested is not relevant to the research question. They will also check if the research fulfils the requirements from our Data Protection Officer and the Privacy Committee. When a consensus has been reached between the researcher and the advisor, the application advances to the next phase. Here the content of the application is judged by the Scientific Board. If it has been approved by the scientific board, the advisor can start generated the requested Data.

Material applications

It is also possible to request materials in addition to, or instead of a data request. The process of a material request is a bit different from the other requests. PALGA only has a facilitating role in the delivery of material and will not collect or store any material. Furthermore, the laboratories may charge costs for the sending of materials.

At many laboratories, your request will be handled by the HUB employee.

Data request advisors.

Our advisors are available to assist you with your requests and elaborate on any information found on the website if necessary.