Terms of Delivery


Obligations and liabilities
The applicant (or applicants) commit themselves to, and are liable for ensuring that:

  • The data supplied and the results obtained are not used or published for any purpose other than that stated above.
  • The data supplied and the results obtained are not supplied to third parties who are not associated with this study, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
  • The data supplied will be destroyed five years after publication, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
  • No procedures will be carried out by which the identity of the individual involved can be traced if indirect identifying data is (unintentionally) supplied without the subject’s consent.
  • Any publication, or part thereof, that is related to the provision of data will be submitted to the PALGA Foundation for evaluation before it is published.
  • Acknowledgement will take place in – and in association with – all forms of publication, referring to Casparie et al. 2007; the name “PALGA: Dutch Pathology Registry” is included in the abstract, where applicable. The full English name for PALGA is “the nationwide network and registry of histo- and cytopathology in the Netherlands”.
  • A PDF of the published material will be sent to the PALGA Foundation (aanvraag@palga.nl).
  • The applicant will conform with FMWV/FEDERA’s Code of Conduct for the Use of Data in Health Research and, if PA material is collected via PALGA’s intermediary procedure, make responsible use of human tissue for scientific research in accordance with the Code of Good Use.
  • If the PALGA intermediate procedure has been used, at the time of publication the applicant will cite the “PALGA group” as co-author. You can find further details about the “PALGA group” here.
  • Care is taken to provide prudent physical and logistical security for the data in question. To this end, provisions have been made to prevent: 
    a. negligence or wilful misuse of the data, 
    b. loss of any data provided, and 
    c. unauthorized access to, or inspection of, the data provided.