What is impact?

Impact describes the effects that an organisation has in its field, on society and on the environment. This goes beyond the just the services that a company offers. PALGA is proud on her projects, connections, and the events which we organize to support our goals.

PALGA identifies three areas in which she makes an impact, based on the three most important stakeholders in her activities: Scientific impact for the researchers, Societal impact for patients and professional impact for the pathologists.

In all these areas PALGA has made an impact via our services, and other projects, connections, and events. Below is a selection of our impact from these different areas.


  1. Scientific articles, which you can find on the page Publications.
  2. PhD project by Julie Swillens: a KWF-project (8281) named ‘IMPROVING’ Have researched which bottlenecks there in their research.
  3. Project mirror information: Research has shown that there is variation in how pathologists diagnose, even within a single laboratory. That is why PALGA has started the Project mirror information, with which laboratories can get feedback for their own diagnosis statistics.
  4. PALGA partners in a national research to the impact of COVID-19 on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.
  5. PhD Project by Carmen van Dooijeweert: supervised by employees of the UU and of PALGA, has finished an important PhD about qualitative improvements in the assessment of biomarkers for breast cancer.


  1. Pathology Information, supplying information to the public about how their data is used and what their rights are.
  2. A report in cooperation between PALGA and the NVVP about the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare. Lees hier meer over in ons nieuwsbericht


  1. A course of programming for pathologists read more about this on our Education page.
  2. Stimulating the use of protocols. Read more about it on our Protocol page, in the professionals tag.
  3. Webinar about the AVG. Read more about it on our newspage.
  4. The PALGA-council is a cooperation between PALGA and the laboratories. In which way the Laboratories can survey and control what happens with their data. It is also a platform for the exchange of best practices between peers.
  5. Het PATH-project: the link between PALGA and the NKR (Dutch cancer registry), which enables to access the relevant information from both databases for the PATH-project. Read more about the PATH project elsewhere on the website.
  6. The PALGA-portal, which enables possibilities which would otherwise have been out of reach. Read these testimonials from professionals about how the PALGA portal has made their job easier.