Vision, Mission and Core Tasks

PALGA was founded to optimize communication and information exchange within pathology. This enables us to make, relatively simply and cheap, important contributions from the field of pathology to national registrations such as the cancer registry, the DICA and population screenings,. By supplying protocol-based pathology data, PALGA also contributes to the quality improvement of these registrations. In this way, PALGA plays an important role in the social accountability of registration and research for public health.


PALGA believes that the best possible treatment starts with the best possible diagnosis.


Our mission is to organize all pathology information and make it useful for patient care and science.

Core Tasks:

PALGA provides excellent support to:

  • The pathologist, to achieve better diagnostics and reporting for patient care.
  • Science, to accumulate relevant collections of accessible pathology data.
  • Society, with our knowledge and experience of collecting, managing and protecting pathology data.