PALGA Policy

Archival and data facilitation are still our core tasks. We perform these independently, in-house, or as direct clients of external parties. The exploration and valorization of data are not carried out independently, but for this we invest in existing and new partnerships.
For each of our stakeholders, we have defined how we can increase our value through innovation. Our goals for each stakeholder are:

  • The patient wants to get a better treatment and gives permission to use data
  • The pathologist wants to make a better diagnosis for the benefit of the patient and other professionals in the chain
  • Science demands richer data and data links for research
  • The healthcare network wants to make use of the knowledge and experience and possible.
  • The government has an interest in sensible care and the responsible use of subsidy resources.

We are going to invest in developing the skills that will be crucial in the coming policy period: communication, flexibility, proactive and cooperation should be the key concepts for PALGA.

We are going to work hard to achieve all these 5 goals through our investments.

Better treatment for patients starts with careful diagnosis and qualitative data needed for scientific research. Patient support to continue contributing with data is crucial. Therefore, in the coming policy period, we are going to better show later what we are doing and we want to be at the forefront of the discussion about the privacy protection of the patient and her data.
Better diagnosis by the pathologist requires customer-oriented processes that support the pathologist as best as possible, innovative services and the joint tackling of bottlenecks so that the input and use of data can take place in a fast and precise manner.
We are organizing richer data for science not only with the best possible data in our own database but also through links with other databases, both national and international.
We will broaden the facilities for the healthcare network by gradually and carefully making relevant knowledge and facilities available to other disciplines.
We will achieve meaningful care for society by making a visible contribution to insights into the use of care and outcomes.

In the coming period we will develop the following innovations in order to maintain our basis as custodian of data and facilitator of data-analyse.

  • Technical innovation such as: voice-activated protocols, disentanglement of core data, linkability and possibility of enrichment of research data (also internationally), innovation in methods for responsible reuse, all of this of course within the framework of the AVG.
  • Substantive innovation such as: investing in quality of registration, reliability, re-use possibilities, connection and linking with other databases, professionalizing of models for access, information about what can be made more available and accessible with PALGA.
  • Organizational innovation such as: strengthening the network, formalizing governance to meet AVG requirements, professionalizing communication, optimizing service (operational excellence), professionalizing and formalizing relationships with stakeholders and cooperation partners, organizational structure and available expertise and optimization of competencies.