Data Value Model

PALGA has defined four domains in which we can add worth to the data which we store. This is called a data value model, and it shows how PALGA wants to orient itself in the future:

  • Archival: the structured collecting and storage of data of good quality, such the this can be (re)used for multiple purposes.
  • Facilitation: enable the responsible use of data (for example patient care, research, quality control and other innovative uses) by others.
  • Exploration: The consideration of new possibilities which data offers in relation to the individual health care, public healthcare and science.
  • Valorisation: creating additional value from the data. (such as with research reports, scientific publications, policy analyses, decision support systems etc.)

Since 2018 PALGA has been applying the AVG guidelines in her privacy policy. If you want to know more about the privacy policy of PALGA, navigate to this page.