Committies & Task Forces

PALGA advisory board

The PALGA-Advisory board advises the PALGA board statutory about the annual plan, the annual financial statements, and the PALGA policies. All connected Laboratories have a representative in the PALGA-Advisory Board

Dhr. B. Bakker, chairperson


The PALGA Scientific Board

The Goal of the Scientific Board (SB), Is there to enable the board to take decisions pertaining to the development, management and use of the PALGA-database on the scientific, research and epidemiological bases. Furthermore, the SB has the aim to support the board in advancing the use of the PALGA archive with data collected by third parties.

Mw. Prof.dr. E. Bloemena, chairperson, VUMC, Amsterdam
Dr. M.G.H. van Oijen, AMC, Amsterdam, IKNL, Utrecht
Dr. J.J.T.H. Roelofs, AMC-UvA, Amsterdam
Dr. O. Visser, IKNL, Amsterdam
Mw. K.M. Smits, PhD , MUMC+, Maastricht
Mw. dr. C.H.M. van Deurzen, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam


Privacy Committee 

The PALGA Privacy Committee (PPC) advices PALGA, either on request of the board, or on their own initiative, to protect the privacy of those whose information is handled in the PALGA-database, delivered for other purposes then patient treatment and around other privacy matters about the PALGA-Databank. The PPC can set guidelines for the prerequisites by which, and the manor at which data from the PAGLA-database is allowed to be given out for purposes other than patient treatment.

Mw. Mr.drs. N.M. Klioueva, chairperson (AIOS) AMC/OLV, Amsterdam
Mr. J. Bisschop (NPV)
Mr. D.J. de Jong, jurist
Mr.dr. Sj. Nouwt, jurist
Dr. K.H. Lam , Erasmus MC
J. Derks MD, PhD (PUL)


Thesaurus Task Force

The goal of the Thesaurus task force is to enable Dutch Pathologists to encode their reports in accordance to developments in the clinical pathology and that their search questions can effectively be answered.

Mw. Dr. M.L.F. van Velthuysen, voorzitter, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Mw. Prof. dr. D. de Jong, VUMC, Amsterdam
Drs. R.H. van Rijssel, Isala Klinieken, Zwolle
Drs. R. Vink, LabPON, Hengelo
Dr. B. van der Vegt, UMCG, Groningen
Dr. ir. Q.J.M. Voorham, Stichting PALGA, Houten
Mw. C.B. Goebertus, secretaris, DT Healthcare Solutions, Bunnik


Complaints Board

The complaints board is available as an external organ to handle complaints which have been expressed at PALGA. The board consists of employees of the PALGA foundation, representatives of Patient Interest organisation and a member of the KNMG.

Mw. Mr. G.M. van Reenen, KNMG, Utrecht
Dr. C. Oosterwijk, VSOP, Soest


Non-Statutionary Task Forces:

Workgroup Protocols

The Protocol Task Force mostly works on the approval of general implementation with the national protocols, and other issues of a general nature. If the content is medical in nature, the task force coordinates with expertise groups from the NVVP on the subject of international standards such as the ICCR, CAP, trial-alerts, AI-integrations, Studies, etc. Furthermore, the task force works on the unity of language within the protocols and on the testing of the protocols to the CE-markering. Annually, the task for advices the PALGA board on the development plans for the new protocols and their respective priorities.

Dr. H.J. van Slooten, Pathologie DNA, Nieuwegein (chairperson)
Ing. P.A. Seegers, Stichting PALGA, Houten (secretary)
Dr. R. Hoedemaeker, PATHAN BV, Rotterdam
Mw. dr. E.A Neefjes-Borst, VUmc, Amsterdam
Mw. J. Traats-Kooistra, VUmc, Amsterdam
Mw. drs. E. de Jonge, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis, Gouda
Mw. drs. N.C.M. Balmus, Kennemer Gasthuis, Haarlem
Drs. J. Stavast, Laboratorium Klinische Pathologie Centraal Brabant, Tilburg
Mw. Drs. P.M. Ghuijs, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam
Mw. A. Doomen, Elisabeth Ziekenhuis, Tilburg (minute taker)
Mw. E. Bekers, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis/NKI, Amsterdam
J.B. van Brakel, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam