The year is 1971. The PALGA foundation has been established. Her goal can put as such, in one verbose sentence: The improvement of communication and information provision within and between pathology laboratories and to offer her knowledge pertaining to information provision to others within health care. This could after 50 years justly be called a visionary perspective. Information exchange in health care has never been as relevant as it is now.

Since the founding our goal has not changed, yet our focus is about to shift. At the founding of PALGA our differentiating capabilities were mostly derived from the systems and their associated software. Through the technological developments of the past decade, PALGA is no longer distinctive because of her technical infrastructure. Now it is mainly the structured data which makes PALGA unique. During this time, the societal view on the storing and exchange of personal information has also changed fundamentally. This has not changed our core mission, but introduces new demands to the daily practicalities which are necessary to remain relevant for the patient, the pathologist and the society.