PALGA infrastructure

The PALGA-infrastructure has a national coverage and facilitates the PALGA aims. The infrastructure currently exists of two central databanks (a patient- and a scientific databank) which have been coupled via secured communication lines to a core-UDPS in the pathology laboratories. This system is then coupled the the Laboratory Management System (LMS). On the Core-UPDS several control systems are run, as well as the PALGA Protocol Module (PPM). Beyond that, since the end of 2016 the secured communication systems between the laboratories also fall within the PALGA-infrastructure.

The National Databank will be replaced with an index function, with which the data will remain as close to the source (the pathology laboratories) as possible. The index shows, when a request gets approved, in which laboratory a rapport can be found, if it has been made available for sharing.

The PALGA Database has had national coverage since 1991, and is currently growing with more than 2 million excerpts per year. Every pathological report that is in the PALGA database is also available as an excerpt. Since May 2021 there have been over 77 million excepts available in the database.  .

PALGA also built her infrastructure with the aim to safeguard the data entrusted to her. All medical data have been pseudonymized twice, once by the laboratories themselves and then again when they are added to our database. Every researcher has to justify their use of data to an ethical committee and to the scientific board. Read more about our privacy policy in Privacy

PALGA is ISO 27001:2013 certifide, 10160540.
PALGA is NEN7510:2017 certifide, 10160541.