The strength of PALGA lies in the  connections we make in the world of pathology and research. This doesn’t pertain only to the 47 connected pathological laboratories, but also the many relations we have built up with research organisations. The aim of this network is the spread of a safe but open information provision and exchange within healthcare, facilitate the population studies and promote pathological research.


PALGA closely works together with the NVVP (The Dutch Association for Pathology). The NVVP is represented in the supervisory board of PALGA. In the developments surrounding the digital pathology and reporting of molecular data the NVVP and PALGA follow the same course of action.


The Stichting Pathologie projecten (the Foundation for Pathology Projects, shortened to SPP) was founded at the end of 2015 to carry out projects within the field of pathology which improve the communication between laboratories. In 2016 the project  of the Pathology Image Exchange (PIE) has been folded into the SPP. In this project PALGA, NVVP, IKNL and SPP work together to realize the exchange of digital images between pathology departments.


Commissioned by the RIVM, PALGA supplies data for the evaluation and monitoring of the population-based screening programme for cervical cancer, on a yearly basis. For the colorectal cancer screeninga direct linkage between pathology laboratories and ScreenIT has been developed.....



PALGA and IKNL cooperate on multiple areas. To lessen the registration burden on the IKNL, the incidents reports have been automatizes since 2015 and are delivered directly from the pathology laboratories to the cancer registration. .....


One of the areas in which PALGA applies itself is the improvement of accessibility of tissue archives in pathology elaborates, and to this end it uses a web-based application: The PALGA portal. .....


PALGA and DICA  have developed a link with the SKMS-subsidie to supply automated, controlled and validated pathologic data to the quality registration of the DICA. .....


The Hartwig Medical Foundation and PALGA have entered in a unique cooperation with PALGA to improve the chain of oncological healthcare to improve care.

Through the linking of genetic and clinical data.....


PALGA, IKNL and Nictiz cooperate to ensure a unity of language in healthcare. PALGA, IKNL and NICTIZ have recently signed and declaration of intent to couple the PALGA thesaurus to the SNOMED CT. This project adds to the ambition of achieving a unity of language within healthcare......



Tussen PALGA en PHARMO wordt er sinds 2006 een structurele koppeling uitgevoerd. Dit betreft een probabilistisch koppeling en kan onder andere gebruikt worden voor onderzoek naar de pathologische gevolgen van het gebruik van geneesmiddelen of naar het ziekteverloop bij het gebruik van geneesmiddelen. Klik hier voor nadere toelichting en voorbeelden.