PALGA supports pathologists and other laboratory staff by providing reporting tools. This is in line with PALGA’s motto:

The best treatment begins with the best diagnosis.

The main innovation in this area is the new PALGA Module for synoptic reporting (PPM). The PALGA Module for synoptic reporting has been designed to enable protocol data from the laboratories to be made easily and readily available to third parties. This reduces the registration burden on these parties, while improving the quality of the recorded data. 

One example is the supply of data to the DICA. Supported by a grant from the Foundation for Quality Funding for Medical Specialists (SKMS), PALGA has developed a link to deliver checked and validated computerized pathology data from the pathology laboratories to DICA’s quality registries. Work is scheduled to start on the pathology indicators required for the Dutch Surgical Colorectal Audit (DSCA) for colon biopsy and colon resection, which are recorded by the PALGA protocols.