PALGA believes that the best treatment starts with the best diagnosis. Every patient in the Netherlands is entitled to the best diagnosis. For this reason, PALGA is working hard to optimize the pathology diagnostics and reporting. An essential aspect of this is the implementation of synoptic reporting in pathology, using national protocols. This involves collecting the same data for every patient, in every hospital in the Netherlands, and presenting it in a clear and concise manner. This enables the discussions of each case, in multidisciplinary meetings, to proceed smoothly. PALGA here working close by with the Dutch Society of Pathology and there expert commissions. PALGA started in 2008 with developing national templates for oncology for Synoptic reporting based on multidisciplinary guidelines and later also based on the ICCR templates. In de figure below you can see the number of Synoptic Reports added to out national database since 2008. In that total more than 6000 reports are based on out national protocol for molecular testing.

National protocols

National protocols 

The following protocols are nationally available:

 Appendix  Moleculair testing
 Bladder-urethra cancer  National cervical cancer screening
 Breast biopsy  Renal - renal pelvis - ureter cancer
 Breast cancer  Ovarian cancer
 Cervix cancer  Ocular Melanoma
 Colorectal cancer  Placenta
 Colonbiopsy-TEM  Pancreas
 Endometrial cancer  Prostate cancer
 Gastric-esophagus cancer  Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin  
 Prostate biopsy  SN Melanoma
 Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid    Testis cancer
 Lung-pleura biopsy  Thyroid
 Lung cancer  Urine


In the Dutch part of this website, you will find the latest protocol updates. 

The documents in question give details of all major changes, as well as of the controls and the screen layout. Click the links to access the linked PDFs.

Rollout of National Protocols

For information please contact Paul Seegers, PALGA Foundation (Tel. +31 (0)88 – 04 02 700). Or send a message to or

Working Group Protocols
The protocols working group was established to provide users with a platform for dialogue. This initiative is supported by the PALGA Foundation’s Board and by the Dutch Socity of Pathology (NVVP)/Professional Quality Practice Committee (CKBU).