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In the Netherlands, all pathology results are digitally archived in the nationwide network and registry of histo- and cytopathology in the Netherlands (PALGA). The archive was founded in 1971 and achieved nationwide coverage in 1991. This means that all 46 pathology laboratories serving the pathology needs of every hospital in the Netherlands are connected to the national infrastructure. Each year, the pathology laboratories generate 2 million new test results in the areas of cytology (and population cytology), histology and autopsies. End of 2017, a total of more than 72 million pathology results from over 12 million patients had been stored. For many years, pathologists have worked towards the construction of this world-class archive, which is unique both in terms of its size and of the nationwide cooperation involved.

The PALGA infrastructure consists of a decentralized databank in all pathological laboratories in the Netherlands, one national database for patient care and one national database for scientific researchAll laboratories send their pathology reports to the two national databases either daily or weekly, which means the national databases are always up to date. 

PALGA’s Public Pathology Database contains data from the scientific research database. It is intended as a guide to the use of PALGA’s national database for your research. Before you decide whether you want to (or can) submit a national request, it is sometimes useful to first check what type of material – and how much of it – is being held in the Netherlands. You can use PALGA's Public Pathology Database to quickly and easily get an impression of whether PALGA's database is a suitable source for your research question. The data in the database are completely anonymous, and can not be traced to individual patients.

In PALGA's Public Pathology Database, you can use diagnostic and retrieval terms to simplify your search for a specific diagnosis. A retrieval term is a collection of different terms that belong together. For instance, you can quickly search for all malignancies, or any skin topographies. You can also search by tissue or cells, gender, age group, and year of diagnosis. Searches of PALGA’s Public Pathology Database will only retrieve sets of numbers.

Click here to search PALGA’s Public Pathology Database (in Dutch) or read the “Zoeken in de PODB” (Search PALGA’s Public Pathology Database) manual here (in Dutch).

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Or perhaps you would like to retrieve more details about the excerpts you found, such as full excerpts, anonymised PA reports, or PA material? If so, please contact the PALGA Foundation’s consultants at +31 (0)88 04 02 700 or, we’ll gladly help you with your request.

For further details about national requests, click here (in Dutch).

The PALGA Public Pathology Database is made possible by BBMRI-NL / DNTP